With our mission and vision to guide them, these are the people who volunteer their time to make sure the greatness of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo continues.

2022 – 2023 Board of Directors

Tia Ferguson, Chair
Ann Naughton, Vice-Chair
Mike Edmonds, Secretary
Gary Winegar, Treasurer
Bob Chastain, President & CEO

Vic Andrews
JL Austgen
Jeanie Baratono
Matt Carpenter
Dr. Elizabeth Domangue
Karen Eberhart
Peri Faricy
Marsha Fogarty
Stephannie Fortune
Carlos Jimenez
Susan Johnson
Ken Keene
Carol Kleiner
Kevin Kratt
Trevor Miller
Hans Mueh
Greg Raymond
Betsy Sobral
Brenda Whitlock

Honorary Directors
Susie Burghart
Katherine H. Loo