In this workshop we will build on your knowledge of the science of behavior change, your mechanical skills. building behavioral fluency with your giraffe through class lecture, discussions, demonstrations and and one-on-one supervised practice. The workshop will be limited to 10-12 attendees, to best meet these goals, who will be chosen based on application information.

The workshop will be held Friday – Sunday, June 3rd – June 6th. Applications are now open and will be closed/reviewed starting on February 15th.

Registration Cost: $500.75

*The workshop is supported by our partners in the private sector who also aim to advance giraffe care. They have kindly sponsored portions of the workshop so that we can offer financial help to those who need it.

Capped at 10-12 attendees, to best meet Workshop goals, who will be chosen based on application information.

Our Goal

Each conference attendee will leave the Giraffe Care Workshop with a vision and plan for their respective facility. Participants will go back to their institution with the ability to implement new training ideas/techniques discussed during the workshop.

Additionally, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo staff will act as a support system for the attendees after the workshop wraps-up. They will continue to check in with participants after the workshop ends, and have giraffe training consultation services available. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is hoping to form a strong network of giraffe care professionals who will continue to work together to improve the lives of giraffe long term.

Workshop Details