Our Goals

  1. Improve the quality of veterinary care available for giraffe in human care and leverage that information for field conservation.
  2. Continue to advance behavioral husbandry practices to improve giraffe welfare.
  3. Establish Emergency Response Teams worldwide to respond to giraffe health emergencies and field conservation needs.

Emergency Response Teams

If you and/or your facility are doing crucial giraffe work and wish to partner with us to create a worldwide Emergency Response Team for giraffe, please connect with us so we can join forces.
(719) 424-7899 | [email protected]

CMZoo-Hosted Workshops

Consulting Options

Love giraffe as much as we do?

Get involved! Your support of the International Center for the Care and Conservation of Giraffe will help us care for giraffe across the country and around the world.

To make a donation, please contact Kelley Parker, Director of Development, at
719-424-7810 | [email protected]

Our Team

With over 25 years of combined experience, our specialized staff are looking forward to working with you.