Abuto’s Care Team Trains New Health Care Behaviors

January 28, 2021

Abuto, our 9-year-old African lion patriarch, is participating in impressive training that supports his ongoing health care, thanks to the creativity and dedication of his animal care team.

We have been keeping you informed as Abuto’s kidney disease and high blood pressure progress, and these two new behaviors – a ‘drink’ cue and subcutaneous fluid administration – help prepare Abuto and his team for if-and-when he starts to decline.

You normally see Abuto hanging out on pride rock, overlooking Colorado Springs with his pride, but today, you’ll join him behind the scenes for two short training sessions that took place between his time outside and in the comfy Relaxation Room in African Rift Valley.

[This video shows up-close subcutaneous fluid administration, so if you don’t like needles, you’ll want to skip over the poke about 1:15 into the video.]

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