Atka’s First Rut: Fall with our One-Year-Old Alaska Moose

September 30, 2021

Join us for an update on one-year-old Alaska moose, Atka! Fall is a busy time for a moose, because they finish growing their antlers and enter ‘rut,’ which is breeding season in the wild. At the Zoo, we mimic the wild environment by giving Atka lots of items to spar with. Male moose, like Atka, would spar with other males for territory or female attention in the wild. Once breeding season is over, wild moose tend to go their separate ways, so Atka doesn’t share his space with other moose at the Zoo.

If you’ve missed our #AtkaAntlerUpdates this year, you might be wondering why he’s sporting a one-sided look this year. In June, young Atka knocked one of his antlers off, so his 2021 antlers are quite unique looking. In the next few months, Atka will shed his first set of antlers. Next spring, he’ll start growing a new set, and that cycle will continue throughout his life. Learn more at Atka and see his antler updates on his playlist, here:

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