Checking in with CMZoo’s three pink-backed pelicans

October 28, 2020

Three pink-backed pelicans, Pluto, Penelope and Pandora, joined Water’s Edge: Africa at the beginning of October, and they’re settling in well sharing space with our flock of African penguins and guests!

Water’s Edge Keeper, Grace, tells us about the pelicans as we get up close with these big-beaked birds and say hello to the penguins. Pandora, who is with us temporarily while her new exhibit at another Associations of Zoos and Aquariums-accredited facility, and Penelope start the video on the guest sidewalk and then take a dip in the lower outdoor pool. Plato shows off his impressive fish-catching skills from the inside beach.

Next time you’re at CMZoo, swing by Water’s Edge: Africa, our new home for hippos, penguins, pelicans, warthogs, lemurs, guinea pigs and guineafowl, to say hello!