CMZoo Mountain Lions Move In Together

December 30, 2020

Our mountain lions are – like many of us – adjusting to a new normal. Seven-month-old Koda is now living full-time with 1-year-old mountain lion siblings, Adira and Sitka!

Because Koda was so much smaller than Adira and Sitka, and because he was found alone at such a young age, introducing the three cougars was a delicate process. Koda was excited to be with Adira and Sitka, but because he didn’t have a mother or siblings around to teach him how to be a mountain lion, he didn’t quite know the etiquette.

Learn from Courtney, Rocky Mountain Wild lead keeper, about the adjustments keepers made for the three mountain lions, and how Koda learned from Adira and Sitka throughout the process.

Our partner, Children’s Hospital Colorado, recognizes that we all continue to adjust our lives to find a balance these days. After you learn about how Koda, Adira and Sitka adjusted to their new normal, check out this parenting resource from CHCO, with tips on how your family can continue to adjust to its new normal.

Next time you’re at the Zoo, come by Rocky Mountain Wild to see our three young mountain lions as they grow together as a family unit.