CMZoo Staff Hop to the Laramie Basin to Release Critically Endangered Wyoming Toads

June 26, 2024

Earlier this month, a group of volunteers and conservation experts gathered to release hundreds of critically endangered Wyoming toads back into their native habitat. Wyoming’s Laramie Basin is the only place in the world where Wyoming toads live. Since 2008, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, along with partners from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and others, has driven the year-round effort to breed, raise and release Wyoming toads.

None of this work is possible without the support of CMZoo guests and members. Over $5 million has been raised for conservation through our Quarters for Conservation program. Every Zoo guest receives three “quarter” tokens, representing the 75¢ Q4C allocation from their admission fee. Guests can show support for their favorite legacy conservation projects, including the breed-and-release program helping Wyoming toads recover in their native prairie lakes, by placing their tokens in the corresponding slots in the Q4C kiosks located in the Zoo’s admissions plaza.

Thank you for saving wildlife and wild places!

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