Come Behind the Scenes to Meet the Meerkat Pups

March 27, 2024

Slender-tailed meerkat mom, Hullabaloo, and dad, Sage, have their paws full with two tiny, fluffy and squeaky bundles of joy. On March 2, the first-time parents welcomed their babies to their cozy behind-the-scenes den in Encounter Africa. Hullabaloo and Sage are adapting to parenting like pros and their brand-new family is bonding well.

The little ones are hitting all the meerkat milestones, like nursing, opening their eyes, and exploring with mom and dad. As long as the pups and new parents continue to do well – and weather is warm enough – they could start exploring outside in the next few weeks. Guests can keep an eye out for the young family in the west meerkat habitat in Encounter Africa.

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