Explore The Hornbills’ New Exhibit

May 25, 2023

Petrie’s and Layla’s charming antics, from their playful foot-slaps to their enthusiastic enrichment tossing, make it impossible not to adore them.

Our Abyssinian (Northern) ground hornbills have been spending a lot of time exploring their unique home! Their exhibit was inspired by a real-life shop near our conservation partner Tsavo Trust in Kenya, showcasing the coexistence of humans and animals in rural Africa.

Hornbills are curious and intelligent creatures, and they love to investigate everything in their sight. This can lead to human-wildlife conflicts in their native environment. Hornbills tend to break windows during breeding season because they think their reflection is a competing bird. Painting windows, putting mesh in front of windows and using unbreakable materials are some solutions to this problem. Locals are working with conservationists to catch and relocate problem birds.

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