Koda’s First Day in Outdoor Exhibit

September 19, 2020

Our littlest mountain lion, nearly 5-month-old Koda, ventured out into one of the exhibit yards on Thursday! Guests can see Koda, who joined us mid-June after being found alone on a logging road in Washington, intermittently as he adjusts to his new surroundings. He will spend increasing amounts of time exploring this yard, so be sure to look carefully as you go by the mountain lion yard closest to the moose barn. He may be napping in a nook, and he can get startled by loud voices, so it’s best to remain quiet when you visit.

Koda has had one introduction with one-and-a-half-year-old female mountain lion Adira in the dens. The intro went well, but Koda’s enthusiastic approach appeared to make Adira uncomfortable, although she was patient and gentle with Koda. So Koda will continue exploring this yard by himself and run off some more energy until his animal care team decides he’s ready for another introduction. Adira and Sitka will enjoy time nearby, in the yard closest to the porcupines. Once Koda is familiar with this new-to-him space and has learned some important prerequisite behaviors – like coming back to his keepers when called with so many new smells, sounds and sights competing for his attention – he will get to try introductions with Adira again.