Send Us Your Big Ideas!

December 30, 2020

Over the next several months, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo plans to get thoughtful input from the community on the short- and long-term future of the Zoo. We plan to pose various questions and surveys to you, our valued guests and neighbors, to help us identify big ideas that could make your experience at the Zoo even more unique and special.

Our first question has to do with the future of the Monkey Pavilion space. The building will be demolished within the next few months, and after that, we plan to use it as a multipurpose space, featuring 1) some unique adventure/experience/play space, 2) covered outdoor seating, and 3) smaller, more intimate animal exhibits. We’re looking for short-term ideas that could be installed by this summer, and long-term ideas that would be installed in the next two to three years.


We want to see photos of the most unique interactive experiences you and your family have seen. These can be any adventure or play activities, ideally for both adults and kids.

These experiences can fall in several categories:

  • non-structured play,
  • nature play,
  • “country life” play, etc.

We are looking to go way beyond swing sets and slides!

– Please submit your photos and a short description of the experience to [email protected]
– We may reply to your email if we want to find out more about the experience.
– Please send your photos ASAP! Our President & CEO, Bob Chastain, will personally review all submissions on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021.