Snack Time with Atka, CMZoo Alaska Moose Calf

October 11, 2020

It’s snack time with 4-month-old Alaska moose calf, Atka, who joined us in July. He’s grown to nearly 250 pounds and stands just under five feet tall! Our big guy is gaining about 14 pounds per week, but is still a safe size for his keepers to go into his exhibit with him. He’s eating more solid foods, like grain and browse, and has nearly completely weaned off of bottles. He has mastered the art of making ‘noodles’ out of his favorite elm browse, as you can see in the video!

Atka fans will notice his coat is changing colors and texture. His winter coat is coming in thick and has turned from its formerly reddish hue to a dark chocolate brown. He’s also sporting incredibly fuzzy ears, ready for cooler temps coming our way in the next few weeks. We get a lot of questions about when he’ll grow his first set of antlers. We should start seeing growth in the spring!

To learn more about Atka, check out his YouTube playlist