A three-year, $13.5 million campaign

With our new capital campaign, we’re excited to make improvements, upgrades and exciting additions that will reach every corner of the Zoo. This ambitious campaign will allow us to continue what we do best- providing cutting-edge animal care, doing critical conservation work here in Colorado and around the world, and providing experiences for a lifetime with every visit- all at a newly elevated level.

Creating Self-Sufficient Lettuce Supply

Did you know that we use more than 3,750 pounds of romaine lettuce each month?

With this exciting new project, we can grow the majority of our lettuce in-house. With a hydroponic system that uses Grow Pods, located near the front entry of the African Rift Valley exhibit, guests will be able to see how we’re using technology to grow food for our giraffes – and then feed them!

Our cutting-edge hydroponic system will use repurposed shipping crates to grow the majority of our own lettuce. These containers are sustainable, weather (including hail) resistant, and exponentially more efficient than traditional farms or greenhouses.

De-Emphasizing the Main Road

Minimizing traffic will make way for even more connections between guests and animals.

With this campaign, we will be able to do something we never thought we would be able to achieve – to de-emphasize the main Zoo road, greatly decreasing the amount of time that pedestrians and vehicles share the same space.

As we look toward the next 100 years, we are excited to re-purpose the current main road space. In the future, we will be able to use the space ways, potentially adding new exhibits and continuing to improve our guest experience.

Improving the Guest Experience

People are Key to the future of wildlife and wild places.

Engaging guests with incredible experiences is essential to the success of our conservation education messages. Every experience from gate to gate is crucial to our success. This campaign will help us to provide our valued guests with more useful space, as well as refreshing the “face of the Zoo” to better represent our mountain atmosphere.

We plan to:

– Create more useful guest space in our entry plaza by significantly increasing the size of the space and reconfiguring the current layout to ensure a more efficient entry.

– Decrease traffic and congestion by adding a separate shuttle entrance and turnaround.

– Upgrade the area around the exit road, including adding stairs to the upper parking area and new landscaping.

– Refresh the exterior of the Thundergod Gift Shop and Guest Services buildings to better assimilate with our mountain rustic aesthetic throughout the Zoo.

More Elevated Upgrades