Where do these gifts end up?

All gifts, unless specified otherwise, go directly into the Zoo’s Endowment Fund, providing for the Zoo’s future.

Ways to Leave Your Legacy at the Zoo


“To me, the most amazing part of why I so love this beautiful Zoo is the kindness of the Zoo staff!” says Betty. “I became my Dad’s caregiver in 2000. My Dad took a turn for the worst and we went into Hospice when his doctors told us he maybe had 2 months to live, my dear sweet Dad beat the odds. [My husband] Rick was transferred to Hawaii, a move much too difficult for my Dad, so my Dad and I returned to Colorado Springs. My Dad became stronger each and every day, and one beautiful spring day I said, would you like to go to the Zoo, and his eyes lit up, my Dad was now 84! My Dad and I started going to the Zoo three days a week and he just thrived. My Dad and I (pictured to the right) would walk and ride the tram and the Zoo staff started noticing how frequently we came. I was so touched when they called us by name, it still brings tears to my eyes! At that moment I just fell in love with the Zoo! As the years ticked away, we rode the tram almost all the time and the tram would stop so we could sit on the bench and enjoy the animals and then they’d stop and pick us up and continue our ride. The staff noticed my Dad’s decline and they told me to call their number when we came and they’d pick us up at the car. We felt like family! My dear sweet Dad passed away in 2010 at 90, and to think at the age of 80, Johns Hopkins Hospital gave my Dad 2 months to live! The doctors have said, he was a miracle to have survived his illness! I will never forget the kindness and the love shown to my Dad and to me by the amazing Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Staff! To be able to contribute now and at the end of my journey in life is so amazing.” ~ Betty

“We moved to Colorado Springs in 1980 and started coming to the zoo with our two young daughters. We have been members ever since,” says Cindi. “In our travels over the years, we have visited zoos all around the US, as well as in foreign countries. None can compare to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Its mountain setting and views are spectacular. All the animal encounters are up close and personal, and the keepers impart informative information every day about the animals in their care. Another impressive thing: the zoo grounds are always so clean. When we set up our will, we decided to allot a certain percentage to several programs we are passionate about. We chose Cheyenne Mountain Zoo because of its leadership in conservation, both in breeding and animal care, as well as in the wild.” ~ Jo and Cindi Carrol

“There were three reasons I wanted to leave the Zoo in my estate plan. First was fond memories. I began visiting Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in the 1970s when vacationing here with my parents. The Zoo was always my favorite plane to go and it made a lasting impression. I became a patron member shortly after moving to Colorado Springs. Second, I have a passion for animals and the Zoo can help create a similar appreciation for the animals and animal conservation. Finally, it is important to give back to the community in which we live. Colorado Springs is a wonderful place to live and I feel it is important to balance estate plans to include organizations that have made a difference in my life and the local community.” ~ Bill Ryan