Help the Zoo and Yourself.

For many of us, the last quarter of the year is a time to re-examine our financial plans and consider our support of charities that bring meaning to our lives. Why wait until then?

No matter how you plan, making a lasting donation to a community treasure committed to conservation, the future of wildlife and the education of children and families in any of the following ways would be greatly appreciated. Because the Zoo receives no tax support of any kind, we rely on admissions, membership fees, donations and grants to operate, as well as do critical conservation work and build fantastic new exhibits.

For information or to advise us of your plans, please contact Kelley Parker, Director of Development at [email protected] or 719-424-7810.

Where do these gifts end up?

All gifts, unless specified otherwise, go directly into the Zoo’s Endowment Fund, providing for the Zoo’s future.

Ways to Leave Your Legacy at the Zoo


“There were three reasons I wanted to leave the Zoo in my estate plan. First was fond memories. I began visiting Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in the 1970s when vacationing here with my parents. The Zoo was always my favorite plane to go and it made a lasting impression. I became a patron member shortly after moving to Colorado Springs. Second, I have a passion for animals and the Zoo can help create a similar appreciation for the animals and animal conservation. Finally, it is important to give back to the community in which we live. Colorado Springs is a wonderful place to live and I feel it is important to balance estate plans to include organizations that have made a difference in my life and the local community.” ~ Bill Ryan

“Colorado Springs is blessed to have such a unique and wonderful zoo. It is the best place to take guests where else can you visit a beautiful zoo on the side of a mountain? The transformation of exhibits that has occurred, and is currently underway, has created such wonderful living spaces and enriched the lives of the special animals residing here. The Zoo brings many visitors to our community and is instrumental in teaching worldwide animal conservation to young and old alike. We are proud of the leadership position our Zoo is taking both nationally and internationally to preserve vital habitats for many endangered species. We are pleased we can provide for the Zoo in our estate to continue this legacy.” ~ Jack & Ellen