African Rift Valley

One Exhibit. Endless Adventures.

Immerse yourself in up-close animal encounters and interactive learning experiences in this $11 million, award-winning exhibit. It spotlights Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s renowned giraffe herd—the largest at any zoo—in an open space similar to the African savanna. You’ll also see Grant’s zebra, griffin vultures, Red river hogs, okapi and more!

African Rift Valley memory makers:

  • Feeding the giraffes. Get eye-to-eye with these gentle giants and discover the thrill of having a long tongue take a treat gracefully from your hand!
  • Being captivated by going inside a life-sized 900-year-old baobab tree replica.
  • Watching morning and evening giraffe “stampedes.”
  • Visiting the Red River hogs and okapi and Grant’s zebra.
  • Seeing the incredible vistas and Colobus monkeys from the View Tower.

Find out when African Rift Valley animal shows and talks happen!

Sneak-a-peek at the giraffes on the Giraffe Cam in the African Rift Valley!

Discover more giraffe facts, details about giraffe feeding and giraffe conservation!