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CMZoo's Giraffe Herd List - (oldest to youngest)

Name SexDate of BirthGiraffe Profile PDFs
MuzikifemaleApril 3, 1998Muziki's Profile page
AmanifemaleDecember 13, 1999Amani's Profile page
LakeishafemaleMarch 9, 2000Lakeisha's Profile page
TwigafeamleDecember 10, 2000Twiga's Profile page
MsichanafemaleSeptember 21, 2002Msichana's Profile page
MahalimaleMay 11, 2003Mahali's Profile page
LaikipiafemaleJune 20, 2007Laikipia's Profile page
AzmerafemaleJuly 24, 2007Azmera's Profile page
KhalidmaleMay 3, 2008Khalid's Profile page
MsitufemaleFebruary 5, 2009Msitu's Profile page
MashamamaleMarch 23, 2010Mashama's Profile page
TumbilimaleMarch 24, 2010Tumbili's Profile page
BaileyfemaleMarch 16, 2012Bailey's Profile page
Panya femaleAugust 13, 2017Panya's profile page is coming soon!
OhemaleJuly 22, 2018Ohe's profile page is coming soon!
Viv femaleJuly 6, 2019Viv's profile page is coming soon!
BBfemaleSeptember 28, 2020 BB's profile page is coming soon!