Activities may include:
  • Diet preparations and daily health monitoring.
  • Exhibit preparations and up keep.
  • Animal training and enrichment.
  • Daily management considerations (weather, personnel, wellness etc.).

Pick Your Time and Animal Area(s)

Animal Area Choices:
  • Encounter Africa (elephants and rhino)
  • African Rift Valley 1, (Colobus monkeys, Red River hogs, zebra, meerkats, vultures, tortoises, mountain tapirs, other birds)
  • African Rift Valley 2, (giraffe, lions)
  • Australia’s Outback Yard & Scutes Family Gallery (wallabies, budgies, sloths, reptiles and tree kangaroo)
  • Primate World (orangutans, gorillas, siamangs, tamarins, and naked mole rats)
  • Rocky Mountain Wild/Asian Highlands (moose, wolves, mountain lions, lynx, river otters, grizzly bears, Amur tigers, Amur leopards, Asiatic black bears)
  • Water’s Edge: Africa (hippos, penguins, lemurs, warthogs, guinea pigs, guinea fowl)

*NOTE: – 12 years old minimum age, 13+ years old for dangerous animal areas.


Two Hour Keeper Shadow
Members: $80.75
Non-members: $90.75

Four Hour Keeper Shadow
Members: $140.75
Non-members: $150.75


Cancellations for a refund can be made up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled program, or the program can be rescheduled.