Baby Siamang Gets a Name!

November 2, 2020

Our baby Siamang has a name, thanks to you! We received more than 4,300 votes to name this precious little girl and the resounding favorite is Rahsia (RAH’-see-uh). Over the last month, #CMZoo partnered with Children’s Hospital Colorado to invite fans from all over the world to cast their votes to help name this adorable little girl. The name Rahsia is Malay for “secret,” and keepers say it suits their surprise bundle of joy perfectly.

Keepers want to send a great, big THANK YOU to everyone who donated items from the baby registry. The Siamangs have been thoroughly enjoying the blankets, saucer swings and yummy treats you sent.

Thanks for voting to help us name Eve and Wayan’s baby! To learn more about how Rahsia, Wayan and Eve are doing since their surprise baby was born on Labor Day, read our latest Waterhole article about the family.