CMZoo Animals Brighten Days, Celebrate Milestones and Holidays with Animal Grams

April 26, 2023

Imagine answering a knock on your door to find a furry, scaly or feathery CMZoo animal ambassador peeking through the peephole. That dream could be your reality thanks to CMZoo’s Animal Grams program!

Animal Grams are paid off-site visits from a CMZoo animal ambassador and EdVenture staff member. Each visit lasts five to ten minutes and includes a one-of-a-kind art piece created by a CMZoo animal.

“I absolutely love this program because the reactions from the people we visit are pure joy,” said Dawn Moon, EdVenture Outreach Supervisor at CMZoo. “Usually, the door opens, and they see an opossum, snake, or bird waiting to meet them, and they let out a huge, ‘oh my goodness!’ It’s so much fun, and the animals seem to enjoy the new smells, sights and sounds, and getting lots of yummy rewards for choosing to participate in the program.”

Animal Grams can be booked in a variety of ways for a variety of celebrations. Staff travel locally (mileage charges may apply for visits more than 30 miles from the Zoo) to people’s homes, offices and more for these quick visits, which can be spent however the recipient prefers. Staff can provide an educational talk, or just let you sit with the animal quietly, or pose for photos together.

With graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and more around the corner, now is a good time to book the best surprise ever for the person you want to celebrate this summer. Or, for no reason at all.

“Some people schedule an Animal Gram for themselves, which I think is a creative way to show yourself some love,” said Moon. “We sat and talked for a few minutes while she enjoyed the visit. It was totally uplifting for her, and I thought it was a really great way to give herself a little boost.”

Book your very own visit, or a surprise Animal Gram for someone you love, at

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