Elephant Vacation Yard with Lucky and Kimba

July 7, 2021

Join us for an extra-special trip to our mountainside elephant vacation yard! Lucky and Kimba are spending some away from guests to graze and relax in the two-acre meadow, which is specially tended for our aging African elephants. Make sure to listen for the songs and calls of the wild birds who live around the vacation yard as well!

The Wilgruen Elephant Center at CMZoo was designed to care for aging elephants, and is currently home to our herd of six geriatric African elephants, lovingly dubbed our, ‘Golden Girls.’ Just like humans, care for each elephant is specific to the individual, and keepers work to provide the best possible care for these aging beauties, relying on equipment and spaces designed to help them stretch and exercise their bodies and minds. Part of this special care includes space for the elephants to relax.

Through our Quarters for Conservation program, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is proud to partner with the Tsavo Trust to protect elephants and rhinos in the largest national park in Kenya. Using both aerial surveys and ground patrols, Tsavo Trust helps prevent poaching in an effort to keep these iconic and endangered animals around for future generations. Learn more about Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s African elephant conservation efforts.