Check in with our three Hoffmann’s two-toed sloths, Bean, Chalupa and Bosco, as they settle into their new homes at CMZoo. Bean, who was born at CMZoo in 2019, is gaining independence just as Bean would in the wild at this age. Bean recently moved into The Loft, where keepers created a ropes course for the young sloth to explore, right above guest areas.

Chalupa and Bosco, both longtime CMZoo residents, moved together into the atrium in Scutes Family Gallery. Check out their lush-and-sunny new location and hear how their keeper team is preparing them for encounters, once we can offer them again.

Because El Paso County, where CMZoo is located, is moving to “Safer at Home – Severe Risk” or “Level Red” COVID-19 restrictions, indoor buildings at CMZoo will be closed to the public starting Saturday, Nov. 28. We’ll keep the sloths company while guests can’t visit, and will continue bringing updates from indoor exhibits. We know guests will be missing them during this time, so we’ll work hard to keep you connected.

Our baby Siamang has a name, thanks to you! We received more than 4,300 votes to name this precious little girl and the resounding favorite is Rahsia (RAH’-see-uh). Over the last month, #CMZoo partnered with Children’s Hospital Colorado to invite fans from all over the world to cast their votes to help name this adorable little girl. The name Rahsia is Malay for “secret,” and keepers say it suits their surprise bundle of joy perfectly.

Keepers want to send a great, big THANK YOU to everyone who donated items from the baby registry. The Siamangs have been thoroughly enjoying the blankets, saucer swings and yummy treats you sent.

Thanks for voting to help us name Eve and Wayan’s baby! To learn more about how Rahsia, Wayan and Eve are doing since their surprise baby was born on Labor Day, read our latest Waterhole article about the family.

Our little giraffe calf is one month old today! Two of her keepers, Amy and Tori, are here with the update we know you’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to name the baby! This calf has the honor of being named by the care team that has helped her grow over the past month.

As you may know, 8-year-old reticulated giraffe, Bailey, gave birth on Sept. 28, 2020, to a healthy female giraffe calf, who we named BB on her one-month birthday! Join African Rift Valley Senior Lead Keeper, Amy, for a recap of the littlest herd member’s first month of progress.

You can watch BB, Bailey and the rest of the 17-member giraffe herd on our two outdoor yard cameras, live daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. MT, on the Zoo’s YouTube channel at or on the giraffe cam page on our website at


Join Digger and Emmett, CMZoo’s two 15-year-old male grizzly bears, and Rocky Mountain Wild Keepers, Sarah and Kristen, to get up close with the bears and learn about hibernation and torpor. Cooler temperatures mean the boys are preparing for winter, when they go into a slight stage of torpor and generally slow down a bit.

Their keepers say the seasonal change doesn’t impact Digger and Emmett as much as it affects their wild relatives, because our boys have year-round access to food sources.

Three pink-backed pelicans, Pluto, Penelope and Pandora, joined Water’s Edge: Africa at the beginning of October, and they’re settling in well sharing space with our flock of African penguins and guests!

Water’s Edge Keeper, Grace, tells us about the pelicans as we get up close with these big-beaked birds and say hello to the penguins. Pandora, who is with us temporarily while her new exhibit at another Associations of Zoos and Aquariums-accredited facility, and Penelope start the video on the guest sidewalk and then take a dip in the lower outdoor pool. Plato shows off his impressive fish-catching skills from the inside beach.

Next time you’re at CMZoo, swing by Water’s Edge: Africa, our new home for hippos, penguins, pelicans, warthogs, lemurs, guinea pigs and guineafowl, to say hello!

Today is #WorldOkapiDay! We’re in African Rift Valley with #CMZoo keepers, Diana and Rachael, to raise awareness for these unique rainforest inhabitants, affectionately known as the unicorns of the forest. Our 7-year-old male okapi, Bahati, joins us for some hoof care training as his keepers tell us all about him, his wild relatives, and their important role in their delicate rainforest habitat.

During our annual member conservation vote, CMZoo members help us decide how to share $75,000 of membership revenue with important wildlife conservation efforts around the world. In 2020, our members sent $11,000 to fund an agroforestry project to protect okapi habitat. In a continued partnership with the Okapi Conservation Project, this grant provides farmers with tools, seeds, natural fertilizers, and education in sustainable agriculture practices. In addition, funds support reforestation in the region.

Every visit to #CMZoo helps protect okapi in the wild, because 75¢ of every admission goes to conservation. Thanks to our visitors, we’ve raised $3 million to support conservation since our Quarters for Conservation program started in 2008. #SavingSpecies

Our little giraffe calf explored with the big yard for the first time this morning with several members of the herd! She enjoyed the sunshine, stretched those legs with some major zoomies, investigated some of the guineafowl and was met with enthusiasm from staff, guests and giraffe alike. So far, she has met Ohe, Mashama, Msichana, Panya, Laikipia, Twiga, Msitu and Muziki. Today, she was outside with her mom, Bailey, and Ohe, Mashama, Msichana, Laikipia, Twiga, Msitu and Muziki.

She’ll continue exploring the big yard as weather allows and will meet more members of the herd as she grows up. These excursions won’t be scheduled, but guests should be able to see her on a regular basis outside with the herd and inside the barn. Speaking of the barn, it’s nearly time to turn off the temporary birth cam. On the calf’s 3-week birthday on Monday, Oct. 19, 2020, we will turn it off permanently at 4:45 p.m. Enjoy the birth cam until then. After that, you should be able to see her more and more on our year-round outdoor cams, available daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. MT.

We’ll keep you posted as this adorable little girl continues to grow up! Watch her entire video playlist here

It’s snack time with 4-month-old Alaska moose calf, Atka, who joined us in July. He’s grown to nearly 250 pounds and stands just under five feet tall! Our big guy is gaining about 14 pounds per week, but is still a safe size for his keepers to go into his exhibit with him. He’s eating more solid foods, like grain and browse, and has nearly completely weaned off of bottles. He has mastered the art of making ‘noodles’ out of his favorite elm browse, as you can see in the video!

Atka fans will notice his coat is changing colors and texture. His winter coat is coming in thick and has turned from its formerly reddish hue to a dark chocolate brown. He’s also sporting incredibly fuzzy ears, ready for cooler temps coming our way in the next few weeks. We get a lot of questions about when he’ll grow his first set of antlers. We should start seeing growth in the spring!

To learn more about Atka, check out his YouTube playlist

#CMZoo Vice President of Mission and Programs, Dr. Liza, is here with giraffe keepers, Rachael and Kayla, with an update on baby’s progress. She’s nursing well, sleeping well, getting up and down, and hitting the giraffe calf milestones her care team wants to see. The ligaments we suspect were contracted in her two front legs appear to have loosened substantially. Baby’s legs look strong and much straighter than when she was born. We’ll keep monitoring her, but for now, things seem to be right on track!

Guests can visit baby and Bailey in the giraffe barn, which is now open at a limited capacity, as long as things continue to go well. The calf has been exploring the side yard with mom at unscheduled times during the day, so guests have a chance to see them outside, too.

Her keepers will tell you about how they’re seeing baby’s “brave and goofy” personality develop, and you’ll get to see “Big Daddy” Khalid check in with Bailey and the baby from the stall next to theirs.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on this little calf’s progress.

You can also learn more about our calf through the following resources:
– View mom and baby on our 24/7 temporary birth cam at or on our YouTube channel.
– Watch the three live-streamed videos of the calf’s birth on Monday, Sept. 28 on this playlist:
– Keep up with all video updates on the calf on this playlist:
– Read her birth announcement here.