Pachyderm Artists Amaze Us.

All six female African elephants at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo are artists. Lucky paints on canvas and makes individual signature trunk prints. Kimba and the rest of the herd; Jambo, Malaika, LouLou and Missy, create canvas and paper paintings.

Lucky was the first African elephant at the Zoo to begin painting in the mid-1990s. Her work has been showcased in galleries at the Colorado Springs Airport and the City Council chamber, and purchased by patrons of all backgrounds and locations around the globe.

Unique Benefits of Elephant Art:

  • Painting enriches the elephants’ lives and stimulates their minds.
  • All proceeds from sale of elephant art go towards the care and feeding of all the animals at the Zoo.
  • Every time someone looks at elephant art on display, they are reminded of how amazing and intelligent these animals are!
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CMZ Elephant Profiles

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