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Enhance your exposure through our website…our website receives a tremendous amount of traffic from viewer interest in our animal cams, which are a couple of our most popular web pages – second only to the homepage. Combined with the support received from our 15,000 member households and 600,000 annual visitors, advertising on ensures significant and meaningful visibility. In addition, hundreds of pages of online content are optimized for search engines to ensure we reach our target audience.

Screen shot of Giraffe Cam page with banner ad placement.

Who Views Our Website?

The Zoo has had an online presence since 1995 with the first online animal cam highlighting our famous giraffe herd. Longstanding web presence has created loyal international viewers seated amongst a long history of regional repeat and national desktop audiences. Local and in-state viewership accounts for approximately 65% of traffic while national visitors frequent most from areas of New York, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and Boston. The top eight international voyagers arrive on average from the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Australia, Netherlands, Hungary, and Italy respectively.

Traffic: Statistics per Year 2016:
• 927,949 sessions
• 2,735,802 pageviews
• 627,754 users
• 2.77 pages per session
• 2:18 average session duration
• 62% new visitors; 38% repeat visitors

Giraffe Cam Page Statistics:

Statistic Giraffe Cam
Sessions 7,547 monthly / 90,569 annually
Unique Visitors 6,244 monthly / 74,937 annually
Avg. Time on Page 3:13 minutes
Traffic from Homepage 51% go to Giraffe Cam


Online advertising options:


Giraffe Cam Banner: $500 per month (minimum 6-month contract)

Currently single month advertising is not available. Discounts for advertising on both cams may apply. Pricing for the website is per banner ad on animal cam web pages only.

Contact Us:

Please send an email request to detailing:

• Your business, group or organization’s name
• Your contact information
• Questions or comments 

Or call Jenny Koch at 719-424-7814.


  • Length of Ad Run: A year, is a twelve month period of time starting from the date the listing is first posted online and continuing for 365 consecutive days. A month, is a one month period starting on the first day an ad is placed online and ending with the same numerical day of the following month (example: an ad that first appears on April 14 will remain continuously online until May 14).
  • Artwork: The Advertiser is responsible for supplying the artwork for the banner ad to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The banner shall be of a size up to 300 x 125 pixels, in a commonly accepted format (gif, jpg or swf), and in a file size under 25k.
  • Listing Contents: The advertiser is responsible for supplying Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with the proper company name, party affiliation (if any), mailing address, phone, fax, principals, email address and a text hyperlink information.
  • Updates: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will gladly update said information, at the advertisers request, during the period in which it is posted online.
  • Organization of Contents: The advertiser’s banner will be displayed in the ad box at 20 second durations in alphabetical order of their company name.
  • Rates: All rates subject to change without prior notice.

Artwork and Mechanics:

Web site banner format: .jpg, .pdf, .gif, .tiff, .png
File size: 300 dpi resolution max – ad will render at smallest file size to maintain integrity (usually 10-25K)
Banner dimension:
300 pixels wide by 125 pixels tall
Subject to editorial approval and adjustment.
Submission: Email artwork, instruction and link address details to

Ad Box Dimension