Kids’ Fun

Photo collage of kids zoo vet Loft experience, carousel rides and big back yard giant chairs and such

The Loft hands-on learning Fun things to do My Big Backyard kids area


Fabulous Fun for Youngsters of All Ages.

Whether you’re young in years, or young at heart, we have fun-filled exhibits, parties, shows and rides to satisfy your playful side.

Visit My Big Backyard to play on giant plants and garden furniture or feel the soft fur of a rabbit or guinea pig. In the Budgie Buddies exhibit, you can walk among Australian parakeets and other birds that may even eat from a seed stick held in your hand!

We’ll also help you throw a birthday party you and your guests won’t soon forget. The Zoo offers options to fit your every whim—from primate parties to at-home ZOOMobile parties with personalized themes.

The Loft animals can’t wait to meet you! So jump in and help our zoo keepers with feeding, training and veterinary care of these amazing animals.

The Zoo isn’t just for animals. Take an exciting ride on the historical carousel or picturesque Sky Ride and catch our Animal Shows & Guest Experiences!

There’s something for the child in everyone!