Celebrating Panamanian Frogs Quarters for Conservation (Q4C) Project

May 2022 – One tiny frog in Panama… what impact does that have on my life? It has a much bigger impact than you might think! Frogs are indicator species, which means their health reflects that of their environment. If an environment is healthy and stable, so are the amphibian species that inhabit the space. If amphibians disappear in South America, it could trigger a domino effect that would disturb the delicate balance of all ecosystems around the world.

We’re celebrating $4 MILLION RAISED FOR CONSERVATION, thanks to our members and guests. Through our Quarters for Conservation program, CMZoo joined Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project (PARC), by aiding in field expeditions, surveys, veterinary and husbandry support. CMZoo staff have also developed education programs to help protect dozens of species of frogs and toads threatened by the Chytrid fungus in Central America.

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