We invite you to a unique Zoo event, Silent Night.

Our busy lives are often filled with schedules, responsibilities and noise. Come prepared for a peacefully quiet evening away from the pressures of the city below.

  • Connect with our animals peacefully and quietly, enjoying the natural beauty of the Zoo.
  • Turn off your phones, quiet your voices and tap into your own mindfulness.
  • Embrace only the sounds of our animals and surrounding nature.


– This event focuses on quiet and mindfulness and may not appeal to everyone.
– Plan for a silent evening at the Zoo with no phones, conversations or disruptions.
– Come prepared with comfortable shoes and a warmer layer.
– Our silent night will take place, rain or shine. No refunds or transfers for inclement weather.
– Sound-friendly areas will be available for those who need to make phone calls or have conversations. Please visit Safari Lodge, Lodge at Moose Lake and Safari Cabin.

Guest Experiences

The following experiences will be available for purchase.

Food & Beverages

Grizzly Grill will be open during the event.

Tickets & Cost