Join us for breakfast on the beach of Water’s Edge: Africa. Animal keeper, Al, is feeding our flock of 11 African penguins while she tells us about their personalities – and how you can identify each penguin.

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Meet some of the keepers, see some of the animals and learn about some of the cool features of our newest exhibit for hippos and penguins – Water’s Edge: Africa!

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There’s a magical – but little known to some – place at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo where axolotls, tarantulas, millipedes and more live! Get to know the residents at The Treehouse in My Big Backyard.

We have BIG NEWS on #WorldPenguinDay! Our first five African penguins have arrived! Since our temporary closure, we’ve continued work on Water’s Edge: Africa, our new home for hippos, penguins, warthogs, lemurs and more. We’re happy to report the new exhibit’s first residents are settling in.

In this video, meet CMZoo African penguins Pomona, Safara, Alex, Rudo and Rufaro! You’ll also see a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at their medical checks, their first dip in the indoor pool and their first time taking in the beautiful views from the mountainside. You’re also getting the first public glimpse at the penguin pools in all their leakless glory!

The issues with the hippo pools haven’t been resolved yet, but we’re continuing work on them and will keep you posted on any hippo-sized news. We can’t wait to have you all back to meet the penguins in person!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has welcomed two domestic ferrets to The Loft! 1-year-old male, Alfred Pennyworth, and 3-year-old female, Harley Quinn, are already target training, create training, meeting guests and learning how to interact on ZOOMobile programs. Come by The Loft and meet this energetic duo next time you’re at the Zoo!

Bob Chastain, CMZoo president and CEO, is back with the latest update from Water’s Edge: Africa. We’ve refilled the void in the soil under the indoor hippo pool and waterproofed the new concrete. Soon, we’ll do another water test to measure continued water loss.

Get an up-close view of the micro cracks that we’re repairing with a filler product that has some elasticity. We hope the lining material we apply next will stop those leaks.

Also, in this video, we’re giving you a first-time sneak peek at the Water’s Edge: Africa vacation yard. This outdoor yard and pool will be used by a variety of animals and will be visible to guests on their way to Primate World.

Although we don’t yet have an opening date, we’re getting closer! We’re still aiming to begin introducing animals to the building sometime in March. We’ll keep you posted!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has welcomed a new red-necked wallaby to the mob! Australia Walkabout Lead Keeper, Bailey Jones, introduces us to the two-year-old male wallaby, P. Sherman, and provides an update on how introductions are going with CMZoo’s existing group of wallabies.

CMZoo North American porcupines, Kale and Quilliam, were united in late 2018 on a breeding recommendation. Rocky Mountain Wild Keeper, Allison Rosing, gives an update on how the two are getting along and how Kale is participating in training, in case any porcupettes (baby porcupines) are in our future!

Bob Chastain, CMZoo president and CEO, is back with an update on Water’s Edge: Africa! From the indoor penguin pool, Bob gives the details about the pool and underground excavation, soil testing (good news!), and reconstruction of the hippo and penguin pools. The next step is additional water testing, which involves measuring how much the pools’ water levels are dropping overall, and establishing how much of that water is evaporating, rather than leaking. It’s a complicated process when you consider the intricacies of the pools, the indoor and outdoor elements and multiple surfaces.

Although we don’t yet have an opening date, we’re still looking at bringing hippos and penguins home as early as March, so stick with us. We’ll keep you posted as we progress through this next testing phase.

Thanks for your continued support!

We’re back with an update on our hippo and penguin exhibit under construction, Water’s Edge: Africa. Bob Chastain, president and CEO of CMZoo, explains why we’re experiencing delays and gives the most recent anticipated opening timeline. We really wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas, but (#spoileralert) it’s going to be at least a few more months until we can welcome the hippo girls home.