Plant Resources

Flora As Well As Fauna.

In addition to exhibiting a wide variety of animals, the Zoo’s 70 developed acres of property also showcase a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and perennial flowers. To learn more about these plants you can follow this link to see virtual tours of the Zoo gardens. Here you’ll also find detailed plant lists and information for a variety of plants that do well in the Pikes Peak Region.


‘Resourse Wise’ Plants for the Pikes Peak Region

Resource Wise plants are those which require less water, care, protection from wildlife, and fertilizer than the average plant. They are suited to our climate and soils. While it is possible to grow a plant just about anywhere given enough time, money, and energy, the Zoo’s horticulture staff focus on identifying, testing, and using resource wise plants on our grounds. Why not join us in becoming ‘resource wise’ in your garden and landscape!

In addition to the plant lists you will find in the Zoo Gardens section, you can follow these links for:


Finding “Resource Wise’ Plants for Your Garden

Many of the plants we rely on at the zoo can be difficult to find in local garden centers. However, these plants are typically offered at the Zoo’s Annual Memorial Day Weekend Plant Sale. This sale is an opportunity for gardeners to meet and talk with our horticulture staff, and to purchase plants that are well suited to your property. More information on our annual plant sale at this link.

Here at the Zoo, the Butterfly / Plant Select garden, and the Hummingbird garden have many of the varieties of perennials, shrubs and trees identified. So by all means, on your next visit to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, check out the rich assortment of flora growing side-by-side with the fauna!


Join us in Sowing the Seeds of Conservation!