Indian Peafowl (Peacock)

ZOO LOCATION: All around the Zoo!

Lifespan: Up to 20 years in the wild and 40-50 years in captivity

Wild Diet: Insects, seeds, berries

Zoo Diet: Grain

Predators: Leopard and fox


IUCN Status: Least Concern

Habitat/Range: Coastal scrub of Sri Lanka and India

Characteristics: Peafowl have a characteristically small head, thick-set body and spurs on their strong legs and feet. They possess long necks and have relatively short wings which limit their flight capabilities. The iridescent coloring of the male comes from the refraction on reflection of light on the layers of feathers. The covert feathers are raised by the male in courtship display. The females are dull brown and buff and without the showy tail coverts.

Behavior: The call is distinctive loud and harsh scream.

Reproduction: Usually found in groups, the male become solitary during the mating season. Courtship involves long and spectacular rituals with strutting, shivery and rattling of the eyed, iridescent covert feathers. The male will choose one to four special sites in his territory display to the females. He will allow the female to approach from his rear, then swing around suddenly to face her. The nest is built on the ground and lined with leaves and grass. Four to eight eggs laid. One month incubation. Female raises the chicks by herself.

Conservation: The peafowl has been domesticated for over 2000 years. Still found in the wild in Sri Lanka and India.