Resource Kit

Take Action Documents.

PALM OIL CRISIS: Protect Orangutans by Promoting Sustainable Palm Oil & Product Labeling

Just for Kids.

Kids Education Handout – 5 Ways to Help! – .pdf

Orangutan Coloring Sheet for Kids – .pdf

Kids Crossword Puzzle – .pdf

Kids Crossword Puzzle Solution – .pdf

Kids Palm Oil Awareness Shopping Game – .pdf

Kids example letter to Amazon – .pdf

Kids example letter to Kraft Heinz Foods with coloring picture – .pdf

Kids example letter to Kroger with coloring picture – .pdf

Kids example letter to Pepsico – .doc or .pdf

Kids example letter to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory – .pdf

Kids example letter to USFoods with coloring picture – .pdf

Kids example letter to Walgreens with coloring picture – .pdf

Kids example letter thank you to Kraft with coloring picture – .doc

Ranger Rick’s Adventure – .pdf – For ages 7+, a story about the affects of palm oil farming on orangutans – . (Story by Jody Marshall; art by Laura and Rody Gilbert. From the February and March 2008 issues of Ranger Rick magazine, with the permission of the publisher, the National Wildlife Federation.)

Resources for Everyone. Download & Share.

Orangutan-friendly Halloween Guide 2019 – pdf

Orangutan-friendly Ice Cream Guide 2019 – .pdf

Orangutan-friendly Picnic Guide 2019 – pdf

Orangutan-friendly Self-Care Supplies Guide 2019 – .pdf

Orangutan-friendly Spring Guide 2019 – .pdf

Orangutan-friendly Cleaning Supplies Guide 2019 – .pdf

Orangutan-friendly Valentine Guide 2019 – .pdf

Orangutan-friendly Holiday Guide 2018 – .pdf

Orangutan-friendly Halloween Candy 2018 – .pdf

Palm Oil Shopping Guide App:

Download the free Sustainable Palm Oil App for Android on Google Play       Download the free Sustainable Palm Oil App from the App Store!


Palm Oil App Promo Cards – .pdf

Education Handout Fact Sheet – .pdf

‘Elevator Speech’ Ideas – .pdf

Palm Oil Video 2017, “Your choices can change the world…for orangutans!” –

Letter with Petition:

  • Letter with Petition for Amazon – .doc or .pdf
  • Letter with Petition for Clif Bar – .doc or .pdf
  • Letter with Petition for Kroger – .doc or .pdf
  • Letter with Petition for Subway – .doc or.pdf
  • Letter with Petition for US Foods – .docx or .pdf
  • Letter with Petition for Walgrens – .docx or .pdf

QR Codes:

  • CMZ Palm Oil Video – .png
  • CMZ Palm Oil web page – .jpg

Map of Indonesian Regions – .jpg

Various Names of Palm Oil List – ..pdf

Non-RSPO companies to write a letter to – page with hyperlinks

Example Letter to the President of Indonesia – .doc or .pdf

Example Letter to the Indonesian Embassy – .doc or .pdf

Example Letter to the Minister of Environment and Forestry, Indonesia – .doc or .pdf

Example Letter to any company – .doc or .pdf

Example letter to any US government official – .doc or .pdf

Example letter to President Trump – .doc or .pdf

*Logos – Orangutan Friendly – black .jpg.gif or orange .jpg.gif (right click and save file to use)

*In order to utilize CMZ’s orangutan friendly palm oil logo on product packaging, a company must:

  1. Be a member of RSPO
  2. Have submitted an Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) to the RSPO for the last reporting period.
  3. Purchase palm oil and derivatives solely from producers and suppliers who are members of the RSPO.
  4. Keep consumers informed via frequent company website updates, announcing what percentage of certified sustainable palm oil is in their products.

    At this point in time, companies, plantations and mills who are members of the RSPO have not necessarily reached 100% certified sustainability.  However, as members of RSPO they are taking steps toward sustainability, and are commited and obligated to become 100% certified sustainable by a goal date agreed upon with the RSPO.

  5. Contact Cheyenne Mountain Zoo prior to using the orangutan friendly palm oil logo, email [email protected] to ask for permission.

Note:  We strongly encourage NGOs, zoological organizations, etc. to join the RSPO in order to use the logo, but it is not mandatory at this time.


Cheyenne Mountain Zoo releases all information on this web page into the public domain in an effort to promote the timely dissemination of knowledge surrounding palm oil. This applies worldwide. In some countries this may not be legally possible; if so: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo grants anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.