Animal Exhibits

African Rift Valley photo of a girl feeding a giraffe a lettuce leaf

Enjoy. Interact. Understand.

At America’s only mountain zoo, connect with over 750 animals and over 170 species from all over the the world—including hand-feeding Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s magnificent giraffe herd.

Water’s Edge: Africa – OPENING TO BE ANNOUNCED – you will be able to discover new homes for Nile hippos, African penguins, warthogs, lemurs and more!

African Rift ValleyGiraffes, Red River hogs, meerkats, African lions, Colobus monkeys, Grant’s zebra, vultures and more!

Aquaticsclosed for construction of new Making Waves exhibit.

Asian HighlandsAmur tigers, Pallas’ cats, and snow leopards

Australia WalkaboutWallabies, budgies, emu, alligator, tree kangaroo

Bears – Asiatic black bears and Andean spectacled bears (see Rocky Mountain Wild for grizzly bears)

Encounter Africa African elephants, black rhino, meerkats, African Cape porcupine

Monkey PavilionLemurs, mangabeys, two-toed sloths, and gibbons

My Big Backyardchickens, goats, koi, rabbits, amphibians and invertebrates in the cabin

Primate WorldOrangutans, Western Lowland gorillas, siamangs, naked mole rats

Rocky Cliffs – Rocky Mountain goats

Rocky Mountain WildMoose, grizzly bears, mountain lions, river otters, lynx, porcupine, Mexican wolves and bald eagle

Scutes Family GalleryOver 40 species of reptiles; snakes, lizards, turtles and tortoises

TapirsRare mountain (Woolly) tapirs

The LoftSee. Explore. Learn. Do. What is it like to work with wildlife? Bring your curiosities and get hands-on with Zoo animals.