Fun facts about Hootenanny, our mighty screech owl:

— Hootenanny is ADORABLE.
— Being an eager bird, Hootenanny is ready to fly to her keeper’s glove as soon as she is able.
— Hootenanny is very comfortable around people. She will usually fly to anyone wearing the training glove calling her with food. Sometimes she will get over-excited and fly around The Loft, perching on Bean’s, one of our sloths, ropes, and beams. Don’t worry, she knows how to fly back to her keepers when asked!
— Some of Hootenanny’s training includes stepping up on the scale and crate training. Mice, crickets, and worms are some of her favorite forms of positive reinforcement!
— She is tiny but mighty. Hootenanny only weighs about 4 ounces, but makes up for her small stature with her large variety of vocalizations. When she is excited about receiving food, she makes a variety of trills and whinny sounds.

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