Vet Hospital Expansion

It’s time to grow!

Vet Hospital expansion plans
Help the Zoo raise $500,000 to expand the Vet Hospital!

With more than 750 animals from 150 species, our veterinary team has to be well-versed in all kinds of veterinary medicine. From mammals to reptiles to birds, our veterinary team monitors general health, pregnancy, performs surgeries and dental procedures, and much more.

In the past few years, the size of our veterinary team has grown a lot- for many years, we had one full-time vet and one vet tech. Now, we have three full-time vets, a hospital manager, and two vet techs.We are doing some incredible veterinary work, including banking plasma for giraffe and okapi, as well as providing laser and stem cell therapy for different species. ​We are also working ​with veterinary schools to help provide education and training for the next generation of zoo vets.

What’s next for the Vet department?

  • As our department continues to grow- both in number of people and programs, we have simply run out of space.
  • We are embarking on a fundraising campaign to raise a half million dollars to expand our vet hospital.
  • The expansion will add some office space and a conference room, which will allow us to move offices that are currently in the animal care area out of the way- giving us more room to practice medicine. A conference room will be used to continue our teaching partnership, as well as discuss and prepare for animal procedures.
  • More building details to come as they are finalized.

How can the community help?

  • Your support will help us care for not only our animals here at the Zoo, but also use our cutting-edge technology to help animals across the country and beyond.
  • You can support the veterinary expansion by giving us a call so we can tell you more about it, or support us online with a donation below.

Help expand Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital!

For more information, call Kelley Parker, Director of Development at 719-424-7810.