Moose Calf Arrives at CMZoo

He’s here, safe and sound! The orphaned 8-week-old moose calf whose story many of you have been following this week, is settling in nicely in Rocky Mountain Wild. He arrived at the Zoo around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, July 15th. Since then, the curious fellow has been exploring his barn, eating, spending some time outside to say hello to guests, and – most importantly after such a long trip home – taking time to rest calmly.

We’re so excited to have ‘moose magic’ back in Rocky Mountain Wild, and look forward to sharing this little dear (who is still unnamed at this point) with all of you as he grows up to follow in Tahoma’s footsteps as a beloved part of our community.

To learn more about the moose calf, read the July 12, 2020 press release. View the moose calf’s YouTube video playlist.

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