Wyoming Toads

Wyoming toad in grassy water photo

Wyoming Toad Recovery Program


One of the most endangered amphibians in the world, the Wyoming toad was once abundant in Wyoming’s wetlands. But increasing pollution from pesticide runoff, habitat destruction, fungal disease and acid rain have all had disastrous consequences for this toad.

In 1994, Wyoming toads were extinct in the wild, and only one captive population remained. That population became the foundation for a captive breeding program in nine zoological and governmental facilities, producing tadpoles and toadlets for reintroduction to the wild.

Since Cheyenne Mountain Zoo began its Wyoming Toad breeding program, over 31,860 tadpoles, 200 metamorphs and 591 overwintered Wyoming toads have been released back into the wild by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. You can visit Wyoming toads in My Big Backyard at the Zoo.


Watch this Saratoga National Fish Hatchery Video, “Wyoming Toads” – March 2016