Celebrating African Vulture Conservation

May 2022 – When you visit Godric at CMZoo, you are supporting a young, wild cape vulture, known as G36-141. That’s because wild vultures have received help from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Quarters for Conservation (Q4C). Our guests have contributed $5 MILLION to Q4C since it began in 2008. We’re celebrating with stories about the animals that benefit from your generosity.

Soaring through South African skies, cape vultures fiercely patrol life on the plains below. When VulPro, CMZoo’s vulture conservation partner, found G36-141 grounded with a broken leg in December 2021, they knew his chances of survival were slim without human intervention. Following several months of rehabilitation in a facility sponsored by CMZoo, he was released back to the wild in March of 2022.

Since his release, G36-141, has chosen to stay close, often foraging and resting for the night near his former rehabilitation facility. The VulPro team believes his friendly behavior suggests he sees the facility as a safe place, and the staff who aided in his rehabilitation as his family.

G36-141 is one of thousands of wild individuals who have benefited from the $5 million raised since Quarters for Conservation’s inception in 2008. Thanks to the contributions of guests and members, CMZoo has had the opportunity to protect and preserve endangered wild African vulture populations for nearly a decade.

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