All About Giraffe

Locally Grown. World Famous.

Discover Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s renowned giraffe herd in their home, the African Rift Valley exhibit. Watch the largest giraffe herd at any zoo, “stampede” outdoors most mornings, spending the day grazing and relaxing in their savannah home.

GIRAFFE WILD ADOPTION Gift Packages – Celebrate our giraffe with a Wild Adopt Giraffe Package ($65)! And, there are over a dozen other adopt gift package options to choose from too.

GIRAFFE ART – Our giraffe are trained with positive reinforcement to present their hooves for trimming and filing. They also hold up their feet for treats, which allows them the opportunity to paint impressions with their hooves. Enjoy a giraffe hoofprint of your very own!

GIRAFFE OUTDOOR CAMS – Check out LIVE STREAMING herd fun on multiple Giraffe Cams, then come for a visit—nothing else compares!

GIRAFFE CONSERVATION – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has partnered with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to support much-needed field research on the different giraffe subspecies and to help with multiple conservation strategies.

GIRAFFE FACTS – Learn about our long-necked friends’ features, diet, interesting facts and more!


Enjoy hand-feeding the giraffe while in the African Rift Valley!
Daily, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
African Rift Valley (ARV) – boardwalk or barn (weather dependent)
Cost: $3 per lettuce bundle, or two for $5



Daily, 2 p.m.
African Rift Valley (ARV) – location posted daily on ARV boardwalk

Have you heard about our herd? We can’t wait to tell you all about them! Our giraffe will show you their training in action, and you can learn about how these gentle giants are helping to save their wild counterparts. Discover more up-close guest experiences and animal shows HERE.

CMZoo’s Giraffe Herd List – (oldest to youngest)
Riyadh female July 16, 1990 Riyadh’s Profile page
Muziki female April 3, 1998 Muziki’s Profile page
Amani female December 13, 1999 Amani’s Profile page
Lakeisha female March 9, 2000 Lakeisha’s Profile page
Twiga female December 10, 2000 Twiga’s Profile page
Msichana female September 21, 2002 Msichana’s Profile page
Mahali male May 11, 2003 Mahali’s Profile page
Laikipia female June 20, 2007 Laikipia’s Profile page
Azmera female July 24, 2007 Azmera’s Profile page
Khalid male May 3, 2008 Khalid’s Profile page
Msitu female February 5, 2009 Msitu’s Profile page
Mashama male March 23, 2010 Mashama’s Profile page
Tumbili male March 24, 2010 Tumbili’s Profile page
Bailey female March 16, 2012 Bailey’s Profile page
Panya female August 13, 2017 Panya’s Profile page coming soon!
Viv female July 6, 2019 Viv’s Profile page coming soon!